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American Modular Tooling: How It Works

From the smallest to the largest, the most simple to the most complex, AMT can hold virtually any part in any position required by the job at hand. Every American Modular Tooling element is carefully designed for maximum efficiency and cross-system adaptability. Agile parts fixturing and fast development and assembly make the AMT system an ideal addition to lean, efficient methods of manufacturing.

AMT Advantages:

  • Fixtures may be built rapidly and modified easily, resulting in an immediate savings of time and money.

  • All components are completely reusable, unlike welded fixtures.

  • Aluminum is light in weight, resists corrosion and is ecologically sound.

  • Modular elements make it easy to duplicate, or repeat, designs.

  • Large fixtures, such as body cubes, may be built in sections which can be assembled or dismantled quickly, permitting work at multiple locations.

  • A fixture may be assembled away from its site of design

How It Works:

For more informatin download our American Modular Tooling Assembly Booklet

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