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SuPAR Augmented Reality Interactive Inspection Software


Innovative Visual Quality Inspection Tool to Accomplish Three Main Tasks:

  • Inspection: Visual inspection with augmented reality technology provides speed, efficiency and reliability.

    • Nominal CAD overlap in AR

    • Nominal edge overlap in AR

    • Existing edge image processing in AR

    • Virtual drawing tool on component in AR

  • Reporting: Digital reports in PDF, Excel and 3D format are prepared within seconds.​

    • Note points in AR

    • Dock photos to note points

    • Automated creation of Excel comment lists

    • Fast checkpoints in AR

    • Predefined symbols and texts

  • Communication: Employees and business partners communicate fast and easily via online and offline platform connections.​

    • Microsoft TEAMS connection

    • Digital twin in AR (hologram)

    • 3D viewer for the digital twin

    • Interface to database – communication notes

SuPAR 2 in 1 Software

SuPAR consists of 2 pieces of software: SuPAR Composer and SuPAR APP.

  • SuPAR Composer is used to prepare CAD data for augmented reality and to create the inspection points. It is possible to inspect complex assemblies, as well as perform  partial or regional inspection of parts with SuPAR Composer. In addition, inspection processes, such as physical-digital mock-up and three-dimensional viewing of inspection reports are realized with SuPAR Composer. 

  • SuPAR App visualizes the data by matching the prepared CAD data and the physical part thanks to AR technology. Interactive inspection is realized by augmented reality tracking and real-time image comparison. Missing, excess or incorrect  positions are quickly detected by SuPAR App. Any detected problems are recorded with photos and comments. In addition, SuPAR App can be used as an assembly guide thanks to its physical-digital mock-up feature. The inspection results are reported in PDF, Excel or 3D formats within seconds.

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