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Measurement and Standards®: World Standard Artifacts and Measuring Instruments

When it comes to accuracy, our Measurement Standards have set the standard and been adopted in many nations and government institutions. Manufactured in Germany, these standards provide precision methods of accuracy in assuring measurement integrity.

Step Gages

PWMs step gages are rigorously calibrated certification masters. This threaded steel gage bar is ideal for CMMs, boring or milling machines and other cartesian devices

  • Step gages are available in standard lengths of 420, 620, 1010, 1540 or 2020mm.

  • Manufactured of special steel, aged to provide dimensional stability

  • Gage blocks are available in ceramic

  • Ideal for horizontal, vertical quill and "under-the-table" type machines.

Step Gages for Small CMMs

New gage bar certification masters for users of small CMMs

Koba step gage
Koba mini step gage for small CMMs

Sphere Plates

Ceramic spheres are the basis of this extremely stable certification master. Sphere plates conform to the B89 specification and provide the interim steps inside the measurement envelope.

  • The main plate is a distortion-free neutral plane insuring the position between spheres and preventing variations of certified values.

  • Sphere plate design permits probing access from both sides of the plate.

  • Manufactured to high dimensional accuracy of <0.3µm and a hardness of >1650HV.

Koba sphere plate

Sphere Beams

A non-demountable sphere beam artifact for monitoring the accuracy of medium-sized Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs).

Koba sphere beam

Ball Bars

An ideal gage for calibrating large volume measuring devices. It is portable, highly accurate and easy to assemble. Available in lengths of 3 or 5 meters (longer on request).

Koba ball bar

Q3 Ball Cube

A quick monitoring system for Coordinate Measuring Machines.

Koba Q3 ball cube

Optical Scale Systems

A scale system for optical coordinate measuring systems.

Koba optical scale system

Opto-Tactile Calibration Standards

Standards for monitoring optical and tactile coordinate measuring instruments.

Koba opto-tactile calibration standards

Gage Blocks and Accessories

High quality gage blocks made of steel, ceramic or carbide provide a high degree of stability and wear resistance. Accessories expand the application possibilities offered by gage blocks.

  • Available in steel, ceramic or carbide

  • Aged to eliminate internal stress

  • Accessories include: stands, holders, jaws, points, handles, optical flats, service kits and more.

Applicable SIC Codes: 3423, 3545, 5049, 5084
Applicable NAICS Codes: 332212, 333515, 423490, 423830

Koba gage blocks and accessories
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