Koba Q3 Ball Cube

A quick monitoring system for CMMs (coordinate measuring machines

Range of Application

  • The Q3 Ball Cube provides 28 distances provide significant results on the measuring accuracy of volumetric measurements, especially when using multi-axis or swivel stylus probe systems.

  • Fast measuring cycles allow monitoring with little impact on the availability of the CMM.

  • If the Ball Cube is used as a monitoring standard, a calibration is unnecessary. In this case the results from rotational monitoring measurements are referred to the initial measurement of the cube after carrying out a complete calibration of the CMM.

  • Use of the Q3 Ball Cube can reduce the costs of inspection equipment monitoring significantly. Re-calibration intervals for CMMs can be clearly extended as long as the ball cube inspection does not show any unacceptable deviations.

Design Features

  • Extremely rigid carbon fiber tube construction with stainless steel angle joints for short- and long-term stability.

  • The specially manufactured carbon fiber tubes are free from any variation in length caused by humidity and provide maximum stiffness with low weight.

  • The combination of carbon fiber tubes and stainless steel angle joints guarantees a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

  • The probing elements are highly precise ceramic balls of AI2O3.

  • Low weight and easy handling

  • GUK-Q evaluation software

Techical Data:

Applicable SIC Codes: 3423, 3545, 5049, 5084
Applicable NAICS Codes: 332212, 333515, 423490, 423830

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