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CMM Styli and Accessories® an Essential Component of CMM Operation

Styli and Accessories at a glance:

  • We catalog nearly 1,400 standard size styli and accessories.

  • Made in Switzerland or the United States of the highest quality materials.

  • Precision drilled ruby balls of grade 10, or better

  • Shanks may be carbide, stainless steel, ceramic, carbon fiber, 7075 aluminum or sapphire

  • Styli and accessories meet or exceed manufacturers requirements.

  • Point, cylinder, disc and ball styli are available, as well as custom builds to your specifications

  • Accessories include swivels, knuckles, adapters, cases, tools and more

  • Replacement styli and accessories are available for all major probing systems

Stylus kits are avialable in many configurations and all thread sizes.

Styli and accessories may also be purchased individually.

Reference spheres are available with straight or angled shanks and either ceramic or steel balls.

Stylus Technical Data

"Hi, I'm the Tipster, your personal guide to tips, short cuts and quick references. Technical data is supplied to help you choose the right stylus for your application. More technical data...

Styus Anatomy 101
Ball and Shank Assembly

Call OutDescription

  • dk: Ball diameter

  • ds: Shank diameter

  • D: Ferrule diameter

  • L: Overall length

  • ML: Working length

  • M: Thread

  • Wt.: Approximate weight, in grams

Drawings are not to scale. Consult catalog charts for actual dimensions.

Pivot Mount: A drilled ruby is glued to the reduced tip end of the the pivot at shank end.

Solid Ball Mount: An undrilled ruby is glued directly to the end of the shank

  • 0.4mm and smaller diameter balls cannot be drilled for pivot.

  • Drilled ball / pivot mount designs are recommended for 0.5mm and larger diameters for long life and durability

Advantages of Shank Materials


  • Sub-mircon deflection

  • Small diameters

  • Non-magnetic


  • Zero deflection

  • Light weight

  • Easy to see

  • Same Coefficient of Thermal Expansion as ball

  • Non-magnetic


  • Light weight

  • Maximum strength

  • Highest accuracy

  • Same Coefficient of Thermal Expansion as ball

​Stainless Steel:

  • Durable

  • Lowest cost

  • Wide-spread acceptance

Carbon Fiber:

  • Great for high speed machines

  • Light weight minimizes false triggering

  • Use for long stylus configurations

  • Non-magnetic

More, greater, detail may be found on our stylus technical data page...

"Look to me for advice and creative applications in dozens of "How It Works" ideas throughout the new PWM "CMM Styli & Accessories" catalog."

Standard Ruby Ball Styli

Long shank, standard ruby ball styli at work
See our complete selection of ruby ball styli on

Disc Styli

Select a disc stylus for notches and grooves. Use a lightweight extension and a knuckle for difficult to access bores.
View our complete line of disc styli on

Star Styli

PWM star styli are available with standard fixed arms, or create your own custom design with a star adapter and any combination of styli.

Add a knuckle adapter for angled access. Stars are also great for bores with undercuts and ideal for fixed position probe heads.


PWMs many diverse styles and designs of star styli can be found on

Pointer Styli

Popular inspection applications for a point stylus are points in surface measurements, scribe lines and thread root depth. Ideal for reducing vector errors and when taking points manually.


Choose PWM carbide point designs for rugged, prolonged use. Check for wear and replace often for best results.

See all of our point and scriber styli on

Cylinder (Sheet Metal) Styli

A cylinder stylus are designed for sheet metal edge and surface measurement. Cylindrical ceramic or sapphire are the ultimate sheet metal materials. Great for measuring sheet metal cut-outs. Use the non-magenetic cylindrical shank on edges and the spherical tip for surface measurement.


Select opaque ceramic or clear sapphire for best visibility - both are easy to qualify and nearly indestructible.


Visit for our complete line of cylinder styli.

Hollow, Ceramic Sphere Styli

Lightweight, non-magnetic hollow ceramic sphere styli are great for large, deep bores.


See our full line of large ceramic sphere styli on

Stylus Extensions

Lightweight extensions allow longer probe access on high speed CMMs and increase the life of probe heads. Choose a ceramic extension for light weight and stable performance - carbon fiber saves even more weight, but is not as stable. Stainless Steel is available too. 


You can find PWMs complete line of stylus extensions on

Pin Styli

Pin styli are a great alternative to custom probes - all pin styli can be combined with adapters and holders to create custom configurations specific to your needs - and they can be reconfigured later.


We offer a large selection of pin styli and adapters on

Stylus Adapters

Adapters come in many different types:

  • rotary and knuckle adapters save you the time of repositioning your probe head

  • crossover adapters convert styli for use on systems designed for other threads

  • star adapters allow you make your own star configurations with any combination of styli.


Find our complete line of stylus adapters for all threads on

Stylus Tools

Extend the life of your probes and components by always using the proper tools for installation.


See our entire offering of stylus tools on

Accessories for Electronic Height Gages

Purchase a shaft, a pin stylus holder and an M2 stylus holder and build a complete set for any measuring need. Just add styli - be creative and add knuckles, adapters or other accessories.

Shafts are compatible with Mahr, Mitutoyo, Tesa, Trimos, Vertex and Wenzel electronic height gages. Visit for a complete selection of height gage accessories.

Reference Spheres

PWM Reference Spheres are available in several configurations: straight or angled, in ceramic or steel and several ball diameters.

Standard and magnetic base plate designs provide modularity and versatility when mounting reference spheres.

Reference spheres with magnetic bases can be attached to tubular parts, to base plates, to the side of a part or anywhere, in any orientation the magenetic base will hold.


Visit for more reference spheres, base plates, probe heads and accessories.

Probe Heads and Accessories

Be creative and add probe extensions, stylus extensions, knuckles, adapters and styli to design a configuration that meets your requirements.

Centerline Locators

Select the thread where you need to measure, screw in a Center Line Locator and measure the outside or inside diameters for coordinates. See more center line locators on

PWM's diverse stylus and accessory designs and materials maximize strength, working length and accessibility according to your requirements. See our technical data for more information.


Visit to see our complete line of CMM Styli and Accessrories.

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